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Corporate teams

The sporting challenge for you and your colleagues

Corporate packages are sold out. See which participating corporate teams are participating here!

Contribute to a better climate together with your colleagues? Then sign up as a company team! For companies we have a special package in which you only have to cycle. We take care of the rest. A team consists of a minimum of 4 persons. Participants of a company team can participate in different distances. The cost of the package includes Climate Classic cycling shirt and socks. The possible pasta buffet on Sunday, June 18 and the shuttle bus can also be booked separately later.

Business package

  • Participation in a distance of your choice:
    125 km, 250 km or 375 km
  • Featured with motivation on our website
  • Featured on social media
  • Copy of the book Less is More by Jason Hickel**
  • Multiple refreshment stations along the way
  • Lunch in Harderwijk (250km & 375 km)
  • Lunch in De Bilt (125 km)
  • Festive finish & meal in Groningen
  • GPX file of the route
  • Medical and technical assistance en route
  • Includes Climate Stripes shirt + socks worth €89.

€ 130 ex. VAT per person*

* Is your team already (partially) in possession of Climate Stripes shirt and socks? Then choose (for the relevant participants) for the company package without cycling shirt and socks for € 75 ex VAT per person. Without Cycling 4 Climate shirt you have no access to the rest and care posts.

** While supplies last.

We ask each business team to send a logo, (team) photo and motivation to This way we can highlight you on this page and on our social media channels.

Still have questions? Then contact the organization via email or phone: 030 - 877 44 91 (Mon. to Fri. from 09:00-17:00).

Some of the business teams of edition 2022:


Climate Promise

We cycle to call attention to the effects of climate change. But attention is not enough.

We want to make impact. And again, together we make more impact. As a participant of the Climate Classic, we also expect your corporate team to contribute to reducing your own footprint or that of your friends/family/colleagues. 

Something you will do (besides ride a bike for a bit) to reduce CO2. Think about six months no never eat meat again, have that conversation with the neighbors that their roof can also be fitted with solar panels, join a local energy cooperative, go on vacation by bike or train this year, take shares in Shell or BP via Follow This, Plant trees or offset your own footprint. More info can be found here.


Corporate teams of the Climate Classic 2023

unive logo


Univé has a rich history when it comes to supporting sporting events. As 'Supporter of Sport' they are committed to making sports possible for everyone. From young to old, with or without disabilities and both locally and nationally. As a cooperative, the interests of members come first. Both when it comes to preventing and limiting suffering and damage. But also by assisting members when damage has already occurred. Univé does this in a sustainable manner. Taking account of people, the environment and our surroundings.

Antea Group

Antea Group

Antea Group is an internationally operating engineering and consulting firm. Together, we build a safe, healthy and future-proof living environment every day. You will find the very best specialists in the Netherlands, as well as innovative solutions in the field of data, sensoring and IT. This enables us to contribute to the development of infrastructure, residential areas or water works. But also to issues surrounding climate adaptation, energy transition and the replacement task. We think along critically and always from the mindset of going for the best result together. In this way we have been anticipating today's questions and tomorrow's solutions for more than 70 years.

Together, we make the world a little more beautiful every day.


KNMI advises and warns society to reduce the risks related to weather, climate and seismology. We conduct scientific research on climate and climate change. We also share knowledge with social partners so that they can shape their climate adaptation work. This October, we will release the new national climate scenarios. The KNMI climate scenarios have been leading our national climate mitigation and climate adaptation plans for years.

In addition, we publish a weekly climate report on our website (here you can read back all 500 reports). By doing so, we hope to increase general knowledge about climate change and keep the topic continuously high on the agenda. Contributing to Cycling 4 Climate thus fits well with our activities and the KNMI mission. We look forward to seeing all the climate cyclists this year flashing through De Bilt, past the KNMI tower.

SIA Partners

Sia Partners is fully engaged in the fight for climate changes by adapting itself and encouraging suppliers and customers to adapt and decarbonize. For that reason Sia Partners is excited to partner with Cycling 4 Climate to bring awareness to the consequences of rising sea levels for the Netherlands. 

What better way to do this than to engage in one of the most typically Dutch activities - cycling! Additionally, the Climate Classic race is a superb way to connect with other like minded individuals and organisations.

Noorderzijlvest Water Board

The water boards are dealing with the effects of climate change every day. Think of periods of prolonged drought and extreme downpours. These will only become more frequent in the future. Together with other authorities, organizations and residents, we will have to make careful considerations to keep our area livable. We would like to spread this message during the Climate Classic. We hope to make people in our area more aware of climate change and how we can prevent it and be better prepared for possible consequences. Our water board is also committed to reducing CO2 emissions and becoming climate neutral. We encourage market parties with whom we work on maintenance of dikes, water, pumping stations, dams, sluices and sewage treatment plants to become more sustainable and seek innovative solutions. Emission-free and circular work is not yet self-evident, but in this way it is slowly but surely becoming the new standard. We are also making our working environment more sustainable and are motivating employees to do their bit by commuting to work by bike or public transport more often. The Climate Classic ties in nicely with this: cycling to draw attention to the climate.

Brabant Delta Water Board

We are proud that the Climate Classic is starting at Brabantse Delta. As a water board, we notice the consequences of the changing climate every day. For example, extreme precipitation or long periods of drought. In our work, we make an important contribution to limiting those consequences. This does not happen automatically, we really have to work at it, together with other authorities, residents and companies. In the Climate Classic, too, it is by setting goals, developing and working together that we reach the finish line.

Eversheds Sutherland

Concerns about climate, biodiversity and sustainable business require reflection and attention. We face a major task of accelerated systemic change. The legal framework is part of a much broader ecological and social context, which has also become a boardroom theme.

Eversheds Sutherland seeks to contribute wherever possible to the sustainability task facing every company. ESG in an international setting also requires international support, including legal support. Investing in the development of renewable energy is one of the most important parts of the ESG task. Our Clean Energy Team is continuously involved in the wind, solar and biomass markets, among others.

Because of our focus on all aspects of sustainability, our partnership with Cycling 4 Climate Classic is a natural fit.

Darel Education

DAREL Education develops educational modules and organizes master classes for high schools, universities, businesses and other organizations to create understanding, awareness and support for the energy transition. 

We believe it is necessary to embed understanding about the energy transition in education. Through our education program, we aim to create sustainable communities across generations of society. We do this on a non-profit basis and are also happy to connect with your children's school. 

We look forward to working with a host of Climate Classic cyclists to collectively increase our impact.

Enlit Europe

The Enlit team enjoys working with the Climate Classic to raise awareness around climate change. As a platform where the European energy sector comes together both digitally and physically, we and our partners strive to bring everyone along and thus accelerate the energy transition in a fair way.

Together we are strong and can get a tremendous amount done!

Gupta Strategists

As a company working in the healthcare sector, we recently signed the "Green Deal Sustainable Care 3.0. This means that we are working as hard as possible to achieve sustainable business practices. The Cycling 4 Climate challenge provides additional awareness and motivation for us to continue thinking individually about how we can operate as sustainably as possible. We look forward to cycling to the finish line in a nice peloton - so as sustainable as possible!


The Dutch kilometer can and must be more sustainable. BOVAG assists its members to do greener business and facilitates the switch to sustainable energy with the platform BOVAG Energie. We are busy every day with our advocacy and services to make mobility as sustainable as possible. Such as stimulating electric transport and helping our members make their energy more sustainable.

Sustainability, like cycling, can sometimes hurt for a while. You have to get through that. By cycling the Climate Classic, BOVAG wants to contribute to the awareness of climate change and sustainable mobility as part of the solution. Participating in the Climate Classic fits our course and ambitions and shows that major challenges must be tackled together. And it's great fun!

PRé Sustainability

PRé Sustainability team is ready to roll during the Climate Classic! PRé helps companies turn sustainability strategy into action, through consulting services, training, and software solutions based on life cycle thinking. With an ambition to drive sustainable change and a commitment to collaboration, PRé's team is eager to raise awareness about the impact of climate change. After successful participation in last year's Climate Classic, this year PRé is joining the event with an even bigger team of cycling enthusiasts.

Concordis group

At the Concordis Group (Mobycon, Mobypeople and Forseti), three companies are working on the mobility of the future. The bicycle plays an important and increasing role in this. On June 19, we put our money where our mouth is. Then 17 of us will be riding our bikes to draw attention to our living environment and show that cycling can get you a long way!


At Noordhoff Care, we enjoy working together every day. With our clients, we always strive to improve the quality of care. 

Like the quality of Dutch healthcare, we also care about the climate. In addition, we all enjoy cycling. To be outside, in nature, to take good care of ourselves and our environment. All this comes together during the Climate Classic. And that is why on Monday, June 19, we will participate and cycle the 125 kilometers!

Suit case - Office of Innovation

Suit-case is a young agency for innovation in the physical environment. In doing so, we take our clients on an "innovation journey" to accelerate social transitions. We try to use Design Thinking to transform the complexity of major transitions into concrete, applicable and testable solutions. The Climate Classic is something we feel comfortable with: it takes the complexity of the climate problem and transforms it into something visual and tangible in order to activate people and accelerate the transition to a sustainable world.

TNO - innovation for live

Climate change requires more action. New clean technology is needed as well as changes in our behavior. Using less energy, eating plant-based food and taking the bike more often. Awareness is essential. Therefore TNO energy transition supports this action and we are cycling along.

Carbon commitment
TNO makes its operations climate neutral by 2040, takes its supply chain responsibility towards its suppliers and customers, and commits to the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact regarding socially responsible business practices

The Dutch Association for Sustainable Energy

Of course the NVDE is cycling along with Cycling 4 Climate! And we go hard and far, just like we do in our daily work, in which we make policy proposals on behalf of thousands of companies to accelerate the energy transition. The bike rides of Cycling 4 Climate draw attention in a positive way to the climate challenge we all face. Nice to cycle through the landscape where the adjustments to our energy system have to happen. Especially nice to see that there is a large network of people and companies that contribute to this. By the way, during the Open Energy Day on September 16, 2023, you can take a look yourself at one or more of the dozens of sustainable energy projects, spread throughout the country. And you can do so by bicycle, too! 

The Dutch Renewable Energy Association (NVDE) advocates for an energy supply based entirely on renewable energy by joining forces from across the sector.NVDE's member companies are active in renewable electricity, heat and gases and in sustainable mobility, the built environment and industry. The renewable energy activities of thousands of member companies represent a turnover of tens of billions of euros and hundreds of thousands of employees. About two-thirds of renewable energy consumption in the Netherlands is generated by NVDE members, from offshore wind energy to geothermal and solar fields.

The Building & Energy Department of the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations

At the Building & Energy Department of the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, we are working to make the built environment more sustainable. We are committed to reducing CO2 emissions, but we are also working hard on the use of circular materials in construction and on methods to best protect nature when renovating or rebuilding.

Naturally, the board consists of people with a heart for climate and sustainability. By participating in the Climate Classic we want to show that it is also important to stand up for the climate in creative and original ways, such as with this bike ride! We hope we can bring attention to the importance of the energy transition by riding together to the finish line!


Volantis realizes new and innovates existing buildings, processes and production environments. From small to large and for clients from all parts of the world. We deliver effective and efficient solutions to improve and preserve production environments and processes. We breathe circularity. Wherever possible, our innovations feature the latest green technology and we use materials that are good for people and the planet. Circular construction and renovation is part of a worldwide necessary movement towards sustainable, green and energy-conscious. This is based on the realization that we must make a positive contribution to protecting and strengthening the environment, climate and health. In our continuous search for innovation, we dare to leave the beaten track. We are always looking to see if we can do things differently. Let's change the perspective.


Procap likes to be ready for a sporting challenge, especially when extra attention goes to global warming this way. Procap thinkers and doers in spatial proejcts, committed to a more beautiful Netherlands. Together with our clients, we work every day towards a sustainable future. We strongly believe that we can work together towards a more sustainable future and a bike ride on Monday, June 19 along the coastline created in the Netherlands when the sea level rises too far is certainly part of that. 


"I do like a challenge, both at work and outside.

"On Monday, June 19, more than 1,000 sustainable cyclists will cycle along the coastline that is created in the Netherlands when the sea level rises too far. A coastline that as far as Cycling 4 Climate is concerned should never become reality."

That awareness, I'd like to be a part of that!"

"My motivation for participating in this is to raise awareness of the ever-increasing climate problem. By taking part in this with a large group from Sweco, I am sure that we can bring this item to the attention of both internally and externally and hopefully get even more people on their bikes instead of their cars.

And of course, always nice to have a day away from work and be able to pedal nicely 😉"

"Water. We can't live without it, but too much isn't good either. As a water consultant, I deal with designing and testing water systems for now and the future. Climate change plays an important role in this. By cycling the Climate Classic, we are creating awareness of the possible effects of climate change. For me, cycling the Climate Classic is a sporting challenge and a motivation to continue doing the work we do with great energy in the years ahead. Ensuring that we keep our feet dry in the Netherlands."

"Doing our part together to mitigate the effects of climate change, preserving a livable environment for our children."

"By taking on the challenge with the Climate Classic, I am trying to bring attention to rising sea levels, not only to myself but also to the people around me.

The photo above was taken at 04:40 prior to the Frisian Elfstedentocht on May 29. Whereas this "training ride" brought with it a slightly less challenging factor, the Climate Classic obviously did!

Completing the 375km with other participants on June 19 says something about everyone's mentality and willpower.

Only together can we meet this challenge, where time is our greatest adversary!"

Ebbinge - Lead our Future

"Ebbinge knows, connects and develops the leaders of the future. True leadership is at our core. We are constantly looking for leaders who bring positive change, to make the world more sustainable and more human. New leaders with a different vision of leadership.

Awareness is a first step for change. This is exactly what the Climate Classic accomplishes. Creating awareness of climate change is more important than ever. Ebbinge supports this initiative and is now cycling with a team of 15 participants for the second year."

EBN - Energizing the transition

That the impact of climate change affects us all is made clear once again during this bike ride. Our office in Utrecht may just about stay dry, but no matter how nice EBN by the sea is, we must all prevent this from happening. As a state-owned company, EBN is responsible for government participation in Dutch oil and gas production. In addition to these activities, we have teams working on the development of geothermal energy and on CO2 storage projects. We also work on the development of green gas, hydrogen and energy storage. EBN is thus engaged in making the gas value chain more sustainable where, by connecting and accelerating, we energize the transition. Connection and acceleration also come together nicely during this cycling event!

We have two carbon commitments!

  1. All travel is climate-neutral. Our company has a total of four electric lease cars, and employees receive an NS business card for business travel. When travel by car or plane is required, the CO2 emissions are compensated.
  2. We have set ourselves the goal of having a climate-neutral building as soon as possible, but certainly before 2030. We already have 100% renewable electricity, but we purchase heat through the heat grid, which is currently 43% renewable. Where there are opportunities, we go for 100% sustainable!


Cyclone - the green and social delivery expert

A bicycle event with the aim of raising awareness about the climate and to
show that so much more is possible by bicycle. That sounds like something Cyclone Post &
Fietskoeriers has been putting into practice on a daily basis for over 20 years. And that is of course why Cyclone is joining the Climate Classic 2022!

Sustainable and social mail and parcel delivery: for years, the mission Cycloon stands for.
Real impact - not by offsetting emissions, but by reducing them. We believe that the streets of
Netherlands are the domain of the bicycle, no matter what you have to transport. And with our cargo bikes
in more than 75 "bicycle cities," we're showing that green last-mile delivery really is a serious
possibility. For example, in just one year (2021) we and our customers have saved over 165,000,000 KG
CO2 and our bicycle couriers have cycled around the world some 154 times.

And our ambition and commitment don't stop there. Cyclone's arrows are focused on growing to
100 cycling cities and a positive climate balance by 2025. Things can be different, better. That is why Cyclone is working very hard to achieve this
by delivering parcels from H&M, Beversport,
FuturumShop, Tony's Chocolonely and Dopper in a responsible manner every day by bicycle. And we are happy to add your webshop to that list.

Eddy, Henk, Jelle, Jonneke, Niek and Simon gladly accept the challenge on behalf of Cyclone. If you meet them on your way to
they will be happy to tell you more about the possibilities and how Cyclone can make your
mail and parcel delivery more sustainable. In the meantime, take a look at


Deloitte guides organizations to a more sustainable future. We're there with you every step of the way - connecting from the very beginning with insight-driven strategy culminating in the impactful transformation necessary for your business to thrive. Cycling4Climate fits with our ambition to create awareness for specific challenges and opportunities for climate in the Netherlands. Through ingenuity and perseverance, the Dutch have turned their relationship with water from a vulnerability into a world-leading business model. Together we can close the gap between ambition and true impact.


WSP colleagues' participation in the Climate Classic 2023 has deep symbolic meaning. As a consulting and engineering firm committed to sustainable solutions, WSP understands that mere words are not enough. These colleagues have chosen to symbolically step into the pedals and take up the challenge. They want to show that together we must increase our efforts to fight global warming and reduce its effects.

Vreugdenhil Dairy Foods

As a Dutch manufacturer of milk powders, Vreugdenhil Dairy Foods supplies tomorrow's nutritional products and ingredients today. Our years of experience enable us, together with our dairy farmers, suppliers, employees and customers, to make a difference for millions of consumers around the world. We want to be the most sustainable milk powder producer in the world. That is why we work together with our partners to reduce CO2 throughout the chain and create a great workplace for our employees. Through the combination of climate and sports, the Climate Classic fits well with our strategy. With a group of enthusiastic colleagues we are looking forward to participating for the first time this year! 

Holland Property Plaza (HPP)

Also this year, Holland Property Plaza (HPP), a networking organization for decision-makers in the real estate sector, is cycling with Cycling4Climate. HPP supports its members in their sustainability goals by connecting and inspiring them on a strategic level. One of our cyclists is Alfred Bolks, Managing Director of VanWonen, the first area developer with an ESG score. At HPP, we are delighted by members with a strong focus on social and sustainable ambitions. By cycling along, HPP is asking the real estate and construction sector to sharpen its sustainability ambitions. In the end, there is no Planet B!

Consulting and engineering firm Movares

Climate change concerns us all. We borrow the world from our children. From that deep awareness and responsibility, Movares consultancy and engineering firm participates in the solutions for a livable, accessible and sustainable Netherlands.

We see innovations and new ways of working together as key to this. As consultants and engineers, we are building a future-proof country together with our clients, partners and knowledge institutes. 

We are participating in the Climate Classic because we think this is a wonderful initiative for raising awareness around climate change. And change starts with awareness, with knowledge, with getting to know each other. #Together it works!

Holland Capital

As an investor, we bear responsibility. We are aware of the impact of our activities. To ensure that we ourselves act in a responsible and sustainable manner, and that we offer our shareholders and entrepreneurs sustainable and responsible returns and support, Holland Capital uses an ESG(Environmental, Social and Governance) policy.

The Climate Classic initiative offers a fantastic opportunity to draw attention to the consequences of climate change, one of the many aspects of ESG. Full of enthusiasm and positive energy, several sporty Holland Capital colleagues are getting on their bikes together to dedicate themselves to this cause.


Eco-Movement is the leading B2B platform for EV charge point data. Our mission is to accelerate the transition to sustainable mobility by providing the best and most relevant charge point information for EV drivers. We love cycling, as the single most sustainable form of mobility, and are greatly looking forward to joining C4C with our international team.


Climate change is an important topic at EGEN. All of our colleagues are intrinsically driven to contribute to a better climate and environment. Did you know that EGEN means "intrinsic"? This means that we take on challenges with a sustainable impact based on intrinsic motivation. See for the sustainable projects we are involved in. By cycling with Cycle4Climate, we contribute our sporting bit and hope to draw more attention to climate change. This time we cycle along for the second time. The beauty of the landscapes in the Netherlands we cycled through last year confirmed to us that this should never become the new coastline of the Netherlands. Together we can fight global warming!


We are evoyo. Active in the Netherlands and Germany. A company brimming with energy to accelerate Europe's energy transition. evoyo stands for the sustainable journey we are taking with homeowners, housing associations, developers, builders and installers to turn every home into an e-home. A sustainable home based on electricity, full of smart heating and energy systems. Whether that transition goes step by step or all at once, we are the point of contact for all parts of the e-home journey and make sure everything is taken care of. This is how we travel together to a sustainable future. For more information:


GBN Group is enthusiastically participating in the Climate Classic for the 2nd time this year. The Climate Classic shows that you can achieve a lot with cooperation, speed and perseverance. Aspects that also play a role in climate change.... And of course perfectly match the mission and values of GBN!

At GBN we make an impact every day by working towards our mission of reducing Earth Overshoot Day, we do this by making material streams circular one by one. By accomplishing this, so-called waste is converted into a high-value circular raw material and given a new life in new products or other applications.

 In a linear economy, concrete, railroad ballast, soil, building materials and artificial turf were disposed of as waste. GBN has closed the chain of these material streams. Piece by piece they are reused in the chain in their own way and we reduce the use of primary raw materials. This is how we create a circular economy!

At GBN, we believe in working together and sharing knowledge to make a real difference in creating a circular economy, contributing to the transition and changing the future.

 Working together we will also do so during the 2023 Climate Classic. With a group of 15 athletic colleagues and clients, we will cycle together to the finish line.

 Impact is something you make together!



Participating in Climate Classic aligns with our mission, ambitions and in strengthening the focus on achieving a necessary sustainable future. Infiniot helps organizations build the energy system of the future, with renewable energy sources and zero CO2. We do this with our software, data and security expertise.

Within our organization, lines of communication are short, which ensures that we are able to quickly switch gears and share knowledge with each other. Working together, keeping moving and personal vitality are key! We also try to travel our necessary work miles sustainably by electric car or public transport. And therefore we find it important to invest time and energy in this. Cycling the Climate Classic obviously contributes to this. We like the challenge together with the Climate Classic Peloton, let's go!

SME. fuel

With our car pass for fueling, charging, carwash and parking, we help business owners get on the road. We pay plenty of attention to energy transition. With a positive approach, because we see that things can be done differently. That is why we are happy to work with you to create an alternative. We are expanding our service of charge cards and charging stations even further, with a focus on people, to help our customers make the switch to electric driving. In this way, we want to make electric driving remarkably easy.


At Witteveen+Bos, more than 1,400 professionals work together from eleven countries on today's challenges and tomorrow's solutions. Our people are the strength of Witteveen+Bos. We believe that as engineers and consultants we can play a crucial role in finding sustainable solutions to technical and social issues. Certainly also in the field of climate and biodiversity. That is why we wholeheartedly support the participation of our sporting colleagues in the Climate Classic!

De Dommel Water Board

Our water system of small streams in Central Brabant, among others, has become vulnerable as the climate changes. The weather is becoming more extreme. The use of (ground)water and the demand for space are increasing. This leads to declining groundwater levels. Moreover, despite all our efforts, our water is still not clean enough, biodiversity is declining. Water Board De Dommel works together with other authorities, companies, many partners, residents and landowners to create a future-proof living environment. Everyone can contribute, even in your own backyard. We would like to spread this message during the Climate Classic. 

Water Board De Dommel is also working to increase circularity. We are doing this by thinking in cycles, turning waste materials into new raw materials. For example, grass clippings for bio-based plastics, a green gas installation at the sewage treatment plant in Tilburg and research into the possibility of reusing treated water. We aim to be climate-neutral in 2035. in doing so, we also look at our performance on the CO2 Performance Ladder and encourage the parties we work with to do the same.  

Why are we cycling along? The urgency is clear. Doing nothing is not an option. Let's all spread this message. 

Stec Group

At Stec Group, we work daily on smart solutions for a good living, working and leisure environment. Climate change has a visible and tangible impact on that living environment. We are already very aware of this in our projects and daily work. For example, we have been traveling by train to and from the office and clients for years. The bicycle is also the mode of commuting for many employees. The Climate Classic is an excellent way for this (fanatic) cycling part of Stec Groep to put climate change on the map. Together with all participants of the Climate Classic we are happy to take on this challenge. Paris is still far away, both literally and figuratively.

Holland Property Plaza

Holland Property Plaza (HPP) is a networking organization for decision-makers in the real estate industry. HPP's sustainability mission is to support its members in their sustainability goals by connecting and inspiring them. HPP also wants to contribute to climate change awareness and pursue and strengthen transitions within the real estate and construction sector.

Municipality of Rotterdam

Rotterdam is underwater as sea levels continue to rise. Logical therefore: Rotterdam is represented in this bike ride! We do this for our residents! Half of Rotterdammers suffer from health complaints due to air pollution. Three quarters are concerned about climate change. 12% of the households in our city suffer from energy poverty. In petrified neighborhoods, summers are 8 degrees hotter than in green areas. That's why we are working to make our city emission-free. Rising material costs are making housing increasingly expensive. And our dependence on new raw materials is getting us into more and more trouble. Materials are becoming harder and harder to come by. Scarcity, trade conflicts, a Suez Canal blockage and even war are pushing us to our limits. It is more than obvious: a sustainable city is more urgent than ever! The climate is not doing well. Together we can change that. The municipality by working more sustainably. Residents by living more sustainably. And companies by making things more sustainable and traveling more sustainably. Together we can make Rotterdam a sustainable, green, livable and affordable city.


Greenchoice is not just another company. We are a platform for green choices. Together with our customers, we move step by step towards Climate Positivity. We believe it is important that everyone can participate in the transition to a sustainable world. With over 600,000 customers and 130 local energy cooperatives as partners, we are already making a solid impact. Over a third of our customers generate their own sustainable energy. As a company, we also move ourselves forward as sustainably as possible. We travel by public transport, on foot and by bicycle. The Climate Classic fits in perfectly with that, and so we're cycling along again this year. Step by step on our way to Climate Positivity!


Responding to climate change is embedded in everything we do, the core of our activities and our projects. We look at everything through "climate glasses," in all our projects - looking for new and more effective solutions. We reduced our global carbon footprint by 45% per employee between 2015 and 2019 and are on track to reduce our total emissions by another quarter by 2024. Through our participation, we seek to raise even more awareness of climate change within our company but also among clients.

Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management

The Ministry of I&W faces the consequences of climate change every day. Many of its officials work daily on climate adaptation of the Netherlands. However, prevention is better than cure. With this tour, a large group of employees from the Ministry, Rijkswaterstaat, KNMI and the Environmental and Transport Inspectorate therefore want to show that action is needed to ensure that the coastline of the Netherlands does not lie on the route of the Climate Classic in the future. By taking on this great challenge by bike, we want to show that it is quite possible to take to the bike more often. That way we all contribute to the safety, livability and accessibility of the Netherlands.


We are Sustainalize, a new generation of sustainability specialists. When it comes to sustainable impact, we believe in the power of companies. They make the difference. And it's our mission to help with that. By advising companies on sustainability, we help turn the tide.

We want future generations to enjoy the world as much as we do. That means adapting and pushing our limits. Like Climate Classic, we do this by reducing complex sustainability issues to their core. Because if we don't take action now, our office will soon be on the new coastline of the Netherlands. We enthusiastically participate in this special initiative to create more awareness about climate change.

Neptune Energy

Neptune Energy is making a positive contribution to society's changing energy needs. As such, Neptune Energy has set a goal of going beyond Net Zero by 2030. Our carbon commitment is that by 2030 we will store more CO₂ in our empty gas fields than we emit from our operations (scope 1 and 2) and from our customers' use of all our products (scope 3). An important pillar for this is CCS , the storage of CO₂ in empty gas fields in the North Sea.
In addition, Neptune is investing in new energy with collaborations in the field of offshore production of green hydrogen; namely in the PosHYdon and H2opZee projects. Only together will we achieve the climate goals in 2030. This is why Neptune is once again cycling with the Climate Classic.

1. To bring attention to the consequences of sea level rise due to climate change (we underline the Climate Classic motivation thus)
2. Bringing attention (internally and externally) to the commitment Neptune Energy has made regarding emissions: NetZero by 2030: storing more CO2 than we emit directly (scope 1), indirectly (scope 2) and through our products and customers (scope 3)
3. Challenge Neptune employees to follow the example of cyclists and make a carbon commitment: 1 at home and 1 at work.

Climate Neutral Group

We work daily with our clients to work on their climate impact, we also want to propagate this with activities like this one. Here we want to combine sport and climate awareness, and propagate that Climate Neutral Group and their employees are personally and professionally engaged with the subject.



Strukton is working on sustainable infrastructure. The infrastructure sector has a major impact on the living environment, but it also offers enormous opportunities for sustainability. That is why we at Strukton focus on CO2 reduction, circularity, biodiversity and well-being. We can only achieve sustainability if we inspire each other, work well together and if everyone is aware of their own role in this mission. Both within our company and beyond. The Climate Classic is a fantastic way to achieve this. Because together we make the future-proof world of tomorrow. Last year we were there for the first time with 15 participants, this year we are with 22!


Arcadis is participating in the business team of the Cycling 4 Climate - Classic 2023 because for us, sustainability and reducing the impact of climate change are key. As a leading design and consulting firm, we understand the urgency of addressing the climate crisis and want to actively contribute to solutions. By participating in this event, we not only demonstrate our commitment, but also promote health and wellness among our employees. We believe in the importance of collaboration and want to make a positive change with other companies. The Cycling 4 Climate Classic offers us the perfect opportunity to put our values into action and make a difference.


As Sustainer, we enthusiastically dedicate ourselves every day to finding solutions to tackle (part of) climate change. With our revolutionary product, which enables a much more sustainable way of building homes, we have been true pioneers in the industry since 2015. This commitment is deeply embedded in our corporate culture and embraced by our entire team. Not only in our professional lives, but also on a personal level, we are driven to contribute to a better world. To add to this commitment and create even more awareness, this year we decided to participate for the first time with a mini-team in the Cycling 4 Climate tour! We are looking forward to cycling together with other like-minded enthusiasts to make a positive impact. Our participation in this tour symbolizes our determination to bring change and highlight the urgency of the climate issue. Together we will reach new heights and hopefully inspire others to join the sustainable mission.


Sunbeam is a dynamic company, active in renewable energy. We produce mounting systems for solar panels on flat and pitched roofs.

With us, sustainability is in our DNA! Our organization has been carbon neutral since 2020.

Our mounting systems - Sunbeam Nova and Sunbeam Luna - are certified and carry the Climate Neutral Product label from the Climate Neutral Group. Sunbeam is the first Dutch company in its sector to receive this certificate.

To draw even more attention to the need to make our world more sustainable and because we like a challenge we are participating in this year's Climate Classic!


nlmtd is a new-style consulting firm that helps organizations and the people who work there cope with all the changes the future will bring. As an organization, how do you ensure that you remain relevant in the future, while customer behavior, competition, technology and market conditions change ever faster and deeper? Future-proof is what we call this, or - in proper Dutch - futureproof. But our future on earth is seriously threatened by the climate and biodiversity crisis. nlmtd is participating in the Climate Classic to draw attention to this issue. Because futureproof = planetproof.


At Avineon | Tensing, we believe it is important to draw attention to global warming and its consequences. As a GIS consulting organization, our GIS and data specialists deal with sustainability issues on a daily basis, both at our organization and our clients. Our colleagues are also very involved in the fight against climate change. The Climate Classic is an annual event for our colleagues to bring attention to rising sea levels and do our part. Only together can we make the world a more beautiful place. 



Like Cycling 4 Climate, BrightPensioen believes sustainability is essential and we want to make an impact together. 

We are going for the future; for the long term. What's good for our planet is also good for our members. That's why BrightPensioen invests exclusively sustainably. We believe that's ultimately what pays off the most.

Indeed, according to the British Make my Money Matter, making pensions sustainable is "the most powerful thing you can do to protect the planet. Cut your carbon 21x more than going veggie, giving up flying and switching energy provider simply by making your pension green."

Moreover, as a social enterprise, like Cycling 4 Climate, we believe that together we are strong. That's why we are cycling with the Climate Classic: Together we can meet this challenge!



We as EVConsult strive for a clean and livable world by enabling electric transport. One of the ways we do this is by using our knowledge, experience and market insight to help governments and businesses realize future-proof charging infrastructure for electric transport. 

We also like to do our bit for the climate in a sporting way. That is why, just like previous years, we will participate in the Climate Classic this year. In this way we can (figuratively) think about the possible consequences, and at the same time we hope to make others more aware.


Enhancing quality of life for everyone, today and for generations to come. This is the ambition we have as Nestlé & Nespresso, where we believe in the power of food to enhance quality of life. This belief fuels our desire to use our global scale, resources and expertise to contribute to a healthier and sustainable future for people and the planet. For that reason we are excited to take on the challenge with all of you during "Cycling for Climate" to show how we can make an impact by making more sustainable choices in our daily life, like taking the bike and raising awareness for the consequences of climate change. 


Our ambition as BAM Infra is to build 'For a More Beautiful Netherlands'. This also means that we want to limit our impact on the environment and climate as much as possible. We have set and communicated ambitious targets for this. For example, we are going to reduce our own emissions by 80% in 2026 (compared to 2019). And the emissions caused by what we buy will also be reduced by at least half (by 2030). By then, we want to operate completely emission-free. A huge challenge for which we desperately need everyone in the company, our suppliers and customers. With the Climate Classic we want to underscore our ambition, draw attention to climate change and inspire others to pull out all the stops.


Econic is brimming with energy to accelerate the energy transition. We do this with a rapidly growing group of professionals from an old gas factory in Amsterdam Noord. Besides our passion to make all homes in the Netherlands (and beyond!) more sustainable, econic also pays a lot of attention to the vitality of all colleagues. Therefore, we like to participate with a large team in Cycling for Climate. In this way, we want to inspire more people to get moving and commit to a healthier planet. Not tomorrow, but today! 


Guidehouse, formerly Ecofys, is the partner of choice for leader creating sustainable, resilient communities, solutions and infrastructure. Our solutions combined with our passion and deep domain expertise help our clients solve today's most critical and complex challenges. We are pleased to participate in the Climate Classics to raise awareness about the impacts of climate change in the Netherlands. Our participants are very passionate about sustainability and hope to inspire others to take to the bike more often to reduce their emissions. We look forward to the ride and see you at the Climate Classics.

Bright Cape

At Bright Cape, we breathe data. We work on analytics & applied data science, human-centered design, process mining, and innovative products under our motto: 'Improve to sustain tomorrow'. At the 20th of June, we are going to show our partners, clients, family and friends that we take this motto very seriously by cycling 250km along the NAP coastline. By doing this, we hope to inspire ourselves and those in our surroundings to make more sustainable choices.

Carbon commitment
As of this year, we are switching to a new Bright Cape eMobility plan which includes electric lease cars only. This plan also encourages employees to use eco friendly transportation by providing bikes, ebikes and a public transport subscription. In addition to that, we also buy local and/or sustainable/recycled products as much as possible. Furthermore, we are switching to vegetarian company food as a default option, whereas non-vegetarian options can be requested. It is all about the mindset!


Holland Property Plaza

Holland Property Plaza (HPP) is a networking organization for decision-makers in the real estate industry. HPP's sustainability mission is to support its members in their sustainability goals by connecting and inspiring them. HPP also wants to contribute to climate change awareness and pursue and strengthen transitions within the real estate and construction sector.

The corporate teams of the Climate Classic 2021:

Our enthusiastic NWO team is cycling with the ClimateClassic!

We support the goals of the ClimateClassic and think this is a wonderful initiative. Corporate social responsibility is part of the operations of NWO, the science funding body of the Netherlands. We want to be a sustainable, future-oriented organization, increase our social impact and be an example to others in this. With our participation, we would like to contribute to climate change awareness and make an impact by reducing our footprint in the coming year.


The Vepa Cycling team is of course cycling along with the Climate Classic!
For us, this has everything to do with corporate social responsibility and taking the lead in change! For us, sustainable business is not something we 'do on the side'. It is the way we work. With which we want to help create a healthy earth. Clean, responsible and future-oriented. At Vepa, CSR is working towards a new economy with attention to the climate, circular, inclusive and with fair chains. The focus on taking responsibility and contributing to a sustainable and vital world has been part of our corporate philosophy for many years. In short, every reason to join the Climate Classic and show that we can achieve a lot with cooperation, speed and perseverance.


DAREL's motto is "Delivering Energy Transition Today. We help organizations taking the lead in reducingcarbon emissions with large-scale projects. We don't write reports; we help clients make decisions. In cycling terms, we are the riders who jump off early to provide a springboard for the leaders. Our goal is not to win the stage, but we make the peloton ride faster.

This Climate Classic fits us like a glove because it clearly communicates why we do what we do. If this course becomes our new beach, we have failed. Some modesty befits us, by the way, because given the distance and our experience, we will probably be amiably "hanging on by the rubber band"!


With a team of cyclists already full of enthusiasm for tackling climate issues, we knew we had to join in on the Climate Classic. With over 10 years' experience in sustainable aviation fuel, we understand the importance in raising awareness to take action and save our planet. We already work together every day to tackle sustainability issues in aviation, so getting out there, and getting ready to raise awareness for educating on rising sea levels and climate change is definitely the challenge for us.

We don't say sustainability is at our core for nothing!


Together we are making the Netherlands sustainable. ENGIE is an international services and energy company taking the lead in sustainable change. We participate because the goals of Cycling4Climate align well with our goals.

With smart innovative technical solutions, integrated sustainable area development, energy-efficient smart buildings, and reliable generation and supply of green energy (wind and solar energy, WKO, green gas, geothermal heat and hydrogen), we respond responsibly to social developments and current themes in working and living environments.

We recognize ourselves in the goals of the ClimateClassic and think it is fantastic and important to participate in this initiative again. With cooperation, speed and perseverance we can achieve a lot. Especially where complex issues such as climate change are concerned, this is necessary.  

KPMG was there for the first edition of the ClimateClassic. We know that cycling leads to connection and positive energy. Our cycling events and our data & analytics partnership where Team DSM and KPMG work together show the enthusiasm for cycling. We wish all cyclists good luck and fun on June 14.

New Economy

We dare to cycle at the forefront, we create climate solutions.
A transition to a new economy is underway. Society's needs are changing and, as a result, new business models are possible that allow us to add more value with the same resources. New Economy develops strategies and identifies opportunities that allow companies to develop products and services that contribute to climate solutions. Every day we are eager to accelerate the transition to a "new economy."


Greenchoice is not just another company. We are a green movement. Which everyone can join. Together with our customers, we have been bringing green energy closer for twenty years. The more people participate. The more we can achieve. With over 600,000 customers and 130 local energy cooperatives as partners, we now have solid impact. Over a third of our customers generate their own sustainable energy. As a company, we also move ourselves forward as sustainably as possible. We travel by public transport, on foot and by bicycle. The Climate Classic fits in perfectly with that. An ever-increasing green movement!


At Reckitt, we do the right thing, always. With our hygiene and health consumer goods reaching, our purpose is to protect, heal, and nurture in the relentless pursuit of a cleaner, healthier world. Tackling climate change is a journey and at global level we're combatting it with ambitious plans to reduce our own carbon footprint. 

As the local NL team, we want to play a role. That is why we are joining Climate Classic to cycle to raise awareness on the urgency of this matter. In addition to corporate partnership with international organizations, we have also set team purpose and personal goals to reduce our own footprint as individuals, eating no meat for half a year, investing a solar panel roof, this year on a holiday by train...and more


Lightyear: clean mobility for everyone, everywhere! That's our mission. Lightyear develops long-range electric solar cars based on a holistic design philosophy. Efficiency is at the heart of everything we do, as we work toward the future of mobility. 

Cooperation, speed and perseverance are the aspects that play a big role in the Cycling for Climate tour, but also in our work. Hence, we felt called to cycle with them so that together we can face the challenges of climate change! 

EVConsult helps governments and industry with strategy development, procurement, consulting, route guidance and IT solutions in energy infrastructure to enable zero-emission transportation. Our team of driven and results-oriented professionals takes great pleasure in working with our clients and partners to bring a zero-emission world closer.

By participating in the Climate Classic with our enthusiastic company team, we not only have fun but also contribute to raising (even more) awareness around global warming and sea level rise. June 14 we pedal along the 'NAP coastline' with our team and we are happy to have been able to help the organization with two more electric support cars!


At bp, we are reimagining energy for people and planet. The world is not on a sustainable path that is why bp has set out to be a net zero company by 2050 or sooner, and help the world get to net zero. For a successful transformation we focus on a set of aims that we believe are key to reinvent bp, including absolute emission reductions, investments in renewables and reducing the carbon intensity of our products. 

Performing while transforming is at the heart of our strategy and that is exactly why we join the Climate Classic, and cycle for climate.

Change Inc. shows every day how innovative professionals and companies in change are already shaping the future economy today. With every focus on business success, action and context. Change Inc. turns every professional into a future maker. Here, solutions become cross-sector stronger and more easily scalable. Every future-maker needs peers to share experiences, ideas and successes.

Together with 37 partners, we are participating in the Climate Classic for awareness and sporting challenge. Together we are making an impact by reducing our footprint next year.

eco movement

Eco-Movement is the leading platform for EV charge point data. Our mission is to accelerate the transition to sustainable mobility by providing the best and most relevant charge point information for EV drivers. We love cycling, as the single most sustainable form of mobility, and are greatly looking forward to joining C4C with our international team.

Holland Capital

As an investor, we bear responsibility. We are aware of the impact of our activities. To ensure ensure that we ourselves act in a responsible and sustainable manner, and that we offer our shareholders and entrepreneurs sustainable and responsible returns and support, Holland Capital an ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) policy.

The initiative of the ClimateClassic offers a fantastic opportunity to draw attention to the consequences of climate change, one of the many aspects of ESG. Full of enthusiasm and positive energy, some sporting Holland Capital colleagues get on their bikes together to dedicate themselves to this cause.


Global warming is a real and big problem. Perhaps the biggest problem of our generation. The earth is not ours, we have it on loan with the responsibility to leave it well for the next generation.
That's why our mission is a world without emissions. That's why we make all homes sustainable. We make every home an e-home.

We believe in winning, but only if we achieve the growth of Prosperity, Welfare and Wellbeing in the right balance. Cycling 4 Climate is a fantastic opportunity to contribute to our meaning model. Indeed, we consider this incredibly important in addition to Prosperity, Welfare and Wellbeing. We encourage initiatives that increase the vitality of our people. That is why we are thrilled to participate in this initiative for the first time this year (certainly not for the last time). And so we are happy to contribute by cycling to draw attention to climate change.


At Corbion, our motto is "Preserve What Matters." Our unique expertise in fermentation and other processes allows us to provide sustainable solutions for food preservation and the preservation of food production, health and our planet. Our solutions provide a sustainable alternative to fossil ingredients in markets such as food, household products, personal care, pet food, pharmaceuticals, medical implants and bioplastics. Committed employees who propagate the values we stand for are essential to this. To involve our employees even more and create more awareness of the impact of climate change, our company is participating in the Climate Classic!


At Tensing, we help organizations work smarter with the use of geographic data. Better collaboration, informed decision making and cost reduction are a few examples.
But did you know that geographic data is very useful to better map the dangers to our planet and prevent or solve problems. For example, we help the Province of North Brabant to reduce nitrogen emissions, the municipality of Tilburg with energy transition and various water and utility companies to reduce energy and water consumption.

To reinforce all this, we support various charities, including the Climate Classic. With about 16 colleagues, we will work up a sweat to combat further warming of our beautiful planet. Will you encourage us?


Stay tuned!

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