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Offset your carbon footprint

As a participant of the Climate Classic, you have already calculated your own carbon footprint and made a climate pledge? Congratulations! We are now giving you the opportunity to offset your (historical) carbon footprint. Because until we live within the Earth's limits, this is the least we can do.

For this purpose, we have selected three targets that realize additional benefits in addition to CO2 impact: 

  • Fair Climate Fund: prevents CO2 emissions and helps locals in India by cooking cleaner food
  • Trees for All plants trees for CO2 absorption and sequestration, a better climate, more biodiversity and healthy living conditions. The planted trees absorb CO2 over a period of 30 years
  • Sinkit & Dutch Carboneers: removes CO2 from the atmosphere and sequesters it forever. Capture is 100% at the start and after 100 years 87.5% of the captured carbon is still in the soil.

All three contribute in their own way to less CO2 in our atmosphere. Choose which one suits you best!

So far all

tons of CO2 offset

Fair Climate Fund

Prevent CO2 emissions by letting locals in India cook clean.

€19 per ton of CO2

FairClimateFund, a social enterprise, has been demonstrating since 2009 that the carbon market can fairly and effectively benefit those most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.

This biogas project gives households in rural India access to a 100% sustainable and clean way of cooking. Cooking on biogas is better for health, climate and environment and saves households time and money.

Learn more about biogas in India

Trees for All

Plant trees in Bolivia & provide additional biodiversity. It takes 30 years to offset your emissions.

€18.50 per ton of CO2

As a recognized charity, Trees for All has been committed to a forested world for nearly 25 years. Trees for All plants trees in the Netherlands and abroad, for a better climate, more biodiversity and healthy living conditions.

In this project, trees are planted in the Arbolivia project in Bolivia. Trees for All has been planting native tree species here since 2008. The project helps farmers to use their land in a sustainable and climate-friendly way. Over the lifespan of 30 years, CO2 is sequestered. More than 1,100 farmers have now joined the project.

More info on trees in Bolivia


Remove CO2 emissions from the atmosphere and sequester them for good

€135 per ton of CO2

Sinkit is a cooperative that develops Carbon Removal projects. One route is pyrolysis of excess biomass. The biochar produced in this process has soil-improving properties, and once back in the earth, the carbon is retained for at least 100 years.  

The project in India was implemented by Dutch Carboneers. It prevents burning of rice bamboo, increases farmers' income and improves soil quality. So in addition to Carbon Removal another 3x profit!

More info on biochar in India

Compensate your carbon footprint here

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As calculated when you sign up for the Climate Classic or make your climate pledge. If everyone in the world lived like the Dutch, we would need 3.6 earths (Source: Global Footprint Network).
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