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Participant Information Climate Classic

Weather report June 19

Source: KNMI

It looks to be a hot day on Monday. Bring two water bottles and drink at least one (0.5L) empty per hour! We will if the weather forecast remains this way ensure that there will also be some more salty food at the final care stations. On the website of you can find more information about free water points. These can be found along the route in Loon op Zand, Vreeswijk, Den Dolder, Spakenburg, Strand Nulde, Mullegen, Diever and Veenhuizen. Exace locations can be found on the website mentioned above.

Climate Promise

When you signed up, you made your climate pledge. Very nice! Given recent weather extremes (drought in NL / forest fires Canada / floods Italy), do you feel that your climate pledge was a bit cowardly after all? Go ahead and adjust it. And above all, bring your pledge to the attention of friends and acquaintances and let them support you by making their own climate pledge via this link!


Climate change is something we can only tackle together. To show this, we are all cycling in the Climate Stripes shirt. The shirt is your proof of participation, and without a C4C shirt you unfortunately have no access to the care stations.

If you have ordered a ticket with shirt, this information is for you:
Most corporate teams that have ordered apparel will be sent this and in many cases will have already received it. If you, as the coordinator of a corporate team, have not received notification of this from us, then the information below applies.

Clothing can be picked up at the following times:

  • On Friday, June 16 between 09:00 - 17:00 at Central Events, Europalaan 2, Utrecht
  • Only for starters in Breda: On Sunday evening at Hotel Princeville Van der Valk in Breda between 5:00 - 6:00 p.m.
  • On Monday morning at the starting location. In Breda from 4:30 and De Bilt from 7:00 a.m.

If you have a ticket with shirt you have also received tickets/vouchers for this which we will check when picking up the clothes. Collection for others is also possible if you have their tickets/vouchers for this.

At the start in the morning, the market stalls will be divided by size. The sizes indicated here is the size of the cycling jersey, so please get in the right line. Did you also order cycling shorts and/or socks? You can also pick these up in the row where you pick up your jersey.

Luggage service

You can drop off a (small) bag at the start in Breda and De Bilt, which we will transport to the final destination for you. You will receive a wristband for this. Make sure your bag has a clear baggage label with your name and address on it.

Shuttle bus

The bike buses are hired from reputable Dutch parties and they handle your bike as carefully as possible. Still, transportation is at your own risk because transporting bicycles is never entirely without risk.

Boarding and alighting point Utrecht/De Bilt: At P&R Utrecht Science Park, boarding at Uppsalalaan.
Disembarkation point Breda: Waterschap Brabantse Delta
Disembarkation point Groningen: Noorderzijlvest Water Board

Shuttle service in the morning from Utrecht/De Bilt - start location Breda
A bicycle bus will leave early in the morning from Utrecht (P+R Utrecht Science Park), boarding point Uppsalalan to Breda at 07.00. Make sure you are there no later than 06.30 because loading the bikes takes a lot of time.

Afternoon shuttle service from Utrecht - Breda
In addition, at 3 p.m. after the end of the 125 km route, another bicycle bus will depart back to Breda.

Evening shuttle service from Groningen - Utrecht - Breda
Several bicycle buses depart from Groningen to Utrecht and Breda. The buses leave as soon as the bus is full. So please allow for some waiting time. The first bus leaves at 19:00 and the last at 22:00.

Track work

There will be no trains between Assen - Meppel on Monday, June 19. Plan your return trip from Groningen via Leeuwarden or ask about shuttle bus options via Please allow for extra travel time. 

Technical assistance & breakdown service

We assume that not only you but also your bike is in optima forma. Should there be any problems, technical assistance will be available at the starting locations and service stations to try to solve the problem. The service is free but any new materials must be paid for. If you have a breakdown along the way or cannot continue, please call 030-877 4491. We will pick you up together with your bike and bring you to the next aid station to repair your bike. Given the considerable distances it may take some time before you are picked up.

Emergency number & first aid

Hopefully you won't need the emergency number, but make a note of it to be on the safe side: 030-877 4491. If you need urgent medical attention during the trip, call 911.

Medical assistance is available in Breda, De Bilt and Groningen. A first aid kit is also available at all care stations.


Start location and program Breda

If you are starting in Breda (375 km and 125 km route), you can pick up your clothes on Sunday evening, June 18, between 17:00 - 18:00 at the Van der Valk Hotel Princeville, Princenhagenlaan 5, Breda. Also on Monday morning from 4:30 you can pick up your clothes at the start location at the Waterschap Brabantse Delta, Bouvignelaan 5, Breda.

Program starts in Breda

Day / timeLocation/part
SundayVan der Valk Hotel Princeville
5:00 - 6:00 p.m.Issue of clothing
6 p.m.Welcoming remarks by Cycling 4 Climate
6:30 - 8 p.m.Vegan dinner buffet (if ordered in advance in Atleta)
MondayBrabantse Delta Water Board, Bouvignelaan 5, Breda
4:00 p.m.Guests at Hotel Mastbosch and Van der Valk: Breakfast open (in hotel)
4:30 a.m.Opening information desk & distribution of clothing
Coffee/tea available
5:30 - 6:30 a.m.Start of the 375 km route. Stick to your chosen start time.*
7:30 7:00 - 8:45 (extended due to warm weather)Start of the 125 km route. Stick to your chosen start time.*

*The start times of company teams have been communicated to the main booker. For the individual participant, the chosen start time can be found in the Atleta dashboard.

Start location and program De Bilt

This is where you will start for the 250 km. You can pick up your clothes on Friday, June 16 between 09:00 - 17:00 at Central Events (Europalaan 2 in Utrecht). Also on Monday morning from 7:00 am you can pick up your clothes at the start location at KNMI, Utrechtseweg 297 De Bilt.

Program starts in De Bilt
Location: KNMI site, Utrechtseweg 297, De Bilt

7:00 a.m.Opening information desk & distribution of clothing
Coffee/tea available
8:00 - 9:15 a.m.Start of the 250 km route. Stick to your chosen start time.*

*The start times of company teams have been communicated to the main booker. For the individual participant, the chosen start time can be found in the Atleta dashboard.

Keep your ticket handy

In your personal dashboard you will find the QR code, which needs to be scanned at the start. You can get to your personal dashboard via the registration email, which can be found by searching for in your email. Together with your climate pledge & your shirt, this is your official proof of participation in the Climate Classic 2023.


Of course, come by bicycle as much as possible. Are you coming by car? Then you can easily park at the following locations:

Breda: Mastbosch parking lot at Hotel Mastbosch, over 1 km from the start and there is limited space at the parking lot of Restaurant Bouvigne Paradijs (Bouvignelaan 3). No parking is available in the parking lot of the water board itself.

De Bilt: no parking is available at KNMI. Parking is only available in the P&R Utrecht Science Park, intersection Universiteitsweg, exit 28 Utrecht Science Park. Please note entry height 2 meters and 10 cm (this due to bikes on the roof and vans). A day ticket costs € 6,-.

Finish location

Depending on the distance you will cycle on Monday, June 19, you will finish in De Bilt or Groningen. The finish in De Bilt is the same as the start location, or KNMI. Finish in De Bilt can be done no later than 14:30.

The finish of the 250 and 375 km is at the Noorderzijlvest Water Board, Stedumermaar 1, Groningen. Will you be picked up here? Then let friends and family park at sports center Kardinge/P&R Kardinge, Kardingerplein 1, Groningen. Finish in Groningen no later than 22:00.

Shower facility

In practice, few cyclists shower on site. Therefore, there are no shower facilities available in De Bilt. In Groningen there are a few shower facilities available.


Apply sunscreen well before the start of the tour and repeat several times during the tour. Unlike last year, sunscreen will not be available at the care stations. Bring your own handy tube.

Download the route

The routes are not signposted, so it is important that you (or someone you ride with) own a bike computer or navigation app. Download the route file using the links below. We recommend a TCX or GPX (track), but every bike computer is different. So check first which file type works best on yours!

If you don't have something similar available: download a navigation app on your phone. There are many providers. One free provider is Bikegpx. Don't forget to bring a power bank or something because your phone often runs out of power quickly. There are no collective charging facilities along the way.

It often turns out that routes can change at the last minute: therefore download the route no earlier than Friday, June 16, 6 p.m.

The routes:

375 km route: https: // - Download GPX file here.
250 km route: https: // - Download GPX file here.
125 km route: - Download GPX file here.

Are you staying overnight in Breda at Hotel Mastbosch or Van der Valk Princeville? Or do you park your car here? Here are the routes from these hotels to the start location:
Route Hotel Mastbosch - Start:
Route Van der Valk Princeville - Start:

Park at the P+R Utrecht Science Park. Below is the route to the KNMI site:
Route P+R USP - KNMI:

Refreshment stations along the way

Along the way you can get Powerbar sports drinks, water and food/snacks at refreshment stations. See the table below for an overview. Except for currant buns, granola bars and gingerbread, everything is vegan. Technical assistance and toilets are available. A first aid kit is also provided.

Check the opening hours of the care stations below.

Refreshment stationOpening hoursOffer
Start Breda05:00 - 09:00Coffee/ tea
Post 1 Den Bosch07:00 - 11:30Sports drinks, currant buns, granola bars, bananas, oranges
Post 2 De Bilt07:30 - 14:30Sports drink, coffee/ tea, currant buns, muesli buns, gingerbread, bananas, cake
Post 3 Ermelo09:15 - 13:30Sports Drink,
Vegan lunch
Post 4 Zwolle11:00 - 17:30Sports drinks, currant balls, granola balls, breakfast cakes, banana oranges, salty snacks
Post 5 Appelscha13:30 - 20:30Sports drink, currant balls, granola balls, breakfast cakes, banana oranges, cola and salty snacks
Finish Groningen16:00 - 22:00Vegan pasta

Address details

Breda: Waterschap Brabantse Delta, Bouvignelaan 5, Breda
Den Bosch: Engelerpark 2, 10 's-Hertogenbosch
De Bilt: KNMI, Utrechtseweg 297, De Bilt (note: Parking is not possible at the KNMI. Parking is available at: P+R Utrecht Science Park, Universiteitsweg, 3584 CT Utrecht)
Ermelo: Beach Telstar Palmbosweg 36, 3853 LB Ermelo
Zwolle: Unive Headquarters, Hanzeplein 1, Zwolle
Appelscha: Boscamping Appelscha, Oude Willem 3, Appelscha
Groningen: Waterschap Noorderzijlvest, Stedumermaar 1, Groningen

For location De Bilt and Ermelo, please note paid parking for cars. At the finish location in Groningen, you can park for free at the P+R Kardinge.

Collection of old cycling clothes

If you have old cycling jerseys that you no longer use with at least 85% polyester: please bring them to the start in Breda or De Bilt. Our clothing partner Velor would like to recycle old cycling jerseys. There will be a box where you can deposit your jerseys.

Photography & video

During the Climate Classic, photos and video footage will be taken by several photographers and a camera crew. These images can be used after the event on the social media channels, website and in the mailings of Cycling 4 Climate.

Safety on the road

We cycle on Monday for climate, on public roads. Be a lady/lord in traffic, obey traffic rules, give oncoming traffic room, call in time if you want to pass and wait at red lights. Of course you will have a helmet on and we strongly recommend not cycling with groups larger than 10 people.

It's not a race: on Strava, the distance is impressive enough. The day is really successful for us if there are no accidents or falls: so pay attention, because we also need you in the fight against climate change!



Is something still not clear to you? Please send an email to or call: 030 877 4491