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Your Climate Promise Counts

On Monday, June 19, more than 1,000 cyclists will ride the Climate Classic to call attention to the effects of climate change. But attention is not enough. That's why participants make a Climate Promise during their registration.

Support the participants of the Climate Classic with your own Climate Promise!

Climate promises made
tons of CO2 offset
climate classic 2023 route visual

Together we make a difference

The Climate Classic goes along the coastline created in the Netherlands when the sea level rises too far. Specifically, it involves cycling 375 km in one day, from Breda to Groningen (125 or 250 km also possible). 

With the Climate Classic, in addition to drawing attention to the climate, we also want to make an actual impact. You can contribute to this by taking a Climate Promise Climate Pledge and/or investing in the planet by offsetting your offsetting your CO2 emissions.

What will you do to reduce your CO2 emissions? Eat no meat for a month, help yourself or your neighborhood get solar panels, join an energy cooperative or put pressure on the fossil industry through Follow This?

Your Climate Pledge Counts. Together we take action for the climate!

How does it work?

1) Determine your footprint

Get insight into your carbon footprint. How many earths are needed for your lifestyle? Take the test on the Hidden Impact.

2) Make your Climate Promise

To reduce your footprint, choose a challenging and appropriate climate pledge. We have examples of climate actions

3) Compensate

Optional: Invest in the planet by offsetting your carbon emissions through one of three selected charities.

It starts with understanding your own footprint. Therefore, check out the website of My Hidden Impact. Ideal for understanding your current footprint. 

More importantly, you'll also find out right away what's the best thing to do if you want to get started on sustainability effectively. 

Nice inspiration for your Climate Promise!

With your Climate Promise you reduce your carbon footprint. Not sure yet which climate action you want to use to reduce your footprint? Take a look at the list below for inspiration.

  • Take the bike and leave that car
  • Finally buy that radiator film for behind your heater
  • File objection to your fossil fuel contribution with the Internal Revenue Service
  • Join your local energy cooperative
  • Shower for a month for no more than 2 minutes at a time (or even smarter purchase a water-saving shower head )
  • Join the Veggie Challenge and eat vegetarian or plant-based for a month
  • Buy a share in Shell through Follow This
  • Insulate your attic
  • Next vacation, take the bike or train instead of the car or plane
  • Join a (green) political party
  • Cook for a week with only seasonal local vegetables
  • Identify what could be more climate-friendly in your work (and make it happen)
  • Don't buy new stuff for a month, and if you buy only secondhand
  • Join Extinction Rebellion's protest against fossil subsidies
  • Share an article about climate on your social media every week
  • Organize an energy master class at a high school
  • Engage in the climate conversation with 5 people around you 
  • Donate to an organization fighting climate change

Do you have enough ideas like this for reducing your own footprint? Then make your climate pledge.

In addition to making a Climate Promise, we aim for at least 50% of participants to offset their own CO2 emissions. An investment with a healthier planet as its return!

We have selected three impactful projects. You choose the number of tons you want to offset and your project. You pay Cycling 4 Climate and two weeks after the Climate Classic we will announce the final score and transfer the money to the respective projects. 


Prevent CO2 emissions by letting locals cook clean in India

€19 per ton of CO2

FairClimateFund, a social enterprise, has been demonstrating since 2009 that the carbon market can fairly and effectively benefit those most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.

This biogas project gives households in rural India access to a 100% sustainable and clean way of cooking. Cooking on biogas is better for health, climate and environment and saves households time and money.

Learn more about biogas in India


Trees for All

Plant trees in Bolivia & provide additional biodiversity. It takes 30 years to offset your emissions.

€18.50 per ton of CO2

As a recognized charity, Trees for All has been committed to a forested world for nearly 25 years. Trees for All plants trees in the Netherlands and abroad, for a better climate, more biodiversity and healthy living conditions.

In this project, trees are planted in the Arbolivia project in Bolivia. Trees for All has been planting native tree species here since 2008. The project helps farmers to use their land in a sustainable and climate-friendly way. Over the lifespan of 30 years, CO2 is sequestered. More than 1,100 farmers have now joined the project.

More info on trees in Bolivia


Remove CO2 emissions from the atmosphere and sequester them for good

€135 per ton of CO2

Sinkit is a cooperative that develops Carbon Removal projects. One route is pyrolysis of excess biomass. The biochar produced in this process has soil-improving properties, and once back in the earth, the carbon is retained for at least 100 years.  

The project in India was implemented by Dutch Carboneers. It prevents burning of rice bamboo, increases farmers' income and improves soil quality. So in addition to Carbon Removal another 3x profit!

More info on biochar in India

Making Your Climate Promise & Offsetting

The Climate pledges & offsets made

Climate promises made
tons of CO2 offset

Some of the Climate pledges made by supporters

NameCommitmentTons of CO2 Offset
Justin - Schuttelaar & PartnersBiking to work more often
LouisI minimize my meat consumption, and fly once a year. I raise my children with the utmost respect for the earth and our ecosystem.1.0
NellekeWhen I need new clothes, I look for vintage options first (except underwear, swimwear and athletic shoes). When I go shopping, I bring my own bag and I try to use as little disposable packaging as possible.
FrederiqueMax 1 flight per year2.0
HannahRenovate house to energy label A (heat pump, insulation HR++)2.0
SusanneLess flying1.0
IreneLess frequent bathing
Jorrit KuipersThat I reduce my fish and meat consumption
BenteMaking the boat sustainable1.0
An ParidaenDriving less, going on bike vacations more often. We are buying a hybrid heat pump to make our house even more climate proof (less gas consumption). We will have an insulation curtain made to hang in front of the front door.1.0
PieterBuying less stuff1.0
RonDrive homeowner to improve insulation value13.3
JulietteCO2 offsets when flying and showering less3.0
MarcelBuying less stuff and less car and flying7.2
MadoMore often a fossil-free week (regarding transportation), no more flying anyway. Of course smart and economical with water.2.0
Joost AHouse: solar panels, heat pump and extra insulation, tiles out of the garden, rain barrel for watering, less stuff and recycle if possible.
Jeske - Trees for allWith all stuff think, "Do I really need it?"5.6
MartijnSustainable home remodeling
DDInstalling solar cells, less car use, more bee-friendly plants
Brabant Delta Water BoardTaking bikes more instead of cars
Jackeven more by bicycle (already more than 5,000 a year) and not flying
Geert Wavinbike to work every day , eat no meat , shower less long , exchange stuff in the family , bike to the store
AnonymousNo more using cotton pads
ClaudyIn case of buying stuff: buy as little as possible, and otherwise borrow or second-hand1.0
AnonymousTaking shorter showers every day (max 5 minutes) and eating vegetarian food for a month2.0
Karin Sant3 action points: no more than 1x a week by car to work. 50% of my clothes 2nd hand or of sustainable origin. Invest even more in reforestation.4.3
Johan - Univemake home more sustainable, fly less, eat less meat, buy less clothes
MichielAs a family, abandoning the car more often and biking to work
TensingBiking to work more than riding the bus.
KathelijnI join Follow This in buying Green Shares to make my voice heard.1.0
AnonymousBuying less stuff (and especially electronics)
Cycling 4 ClimateMore on the bike0.0
AntonellaReuse more/2nd hand stuff and buy only when it is really needed.
MoEating more consciously and making the home more sustainable
StievvvWith people pushing a zero-emission car
WilliamI will fly less often (and certainly not to faraway destinations)
BAMExhibit more conscious behavior. Using the car less often. Carpool when possible. bike to work with road bike
luukBuying less new stuff (and especially electronics)
YvonneLeaving the car parked even more often, not watering my garden.1.0
HenneHa, of course I'm participating in the Climate Classic water board relay race. And my climate pledge is: 9 out of 10 times to work by bike. That amounts to 6025 (almost)CO2-neutral kilometers this year. Who will follow?
Nicktrade in diesel car for electric car
RenéAt least 50% by bike to work, no flying vacations and less than 15,000 km year by car
ElisabethSix months of not buying new clothes possibly only secondhand
Niels MureauNot by car, but by bike or by public transport
BertusBiking more instead of going by car
HansEating less meat, If it's dry always bike to work and no more flying
Pimbeing vegetarian, making new turns only when necessary and taking the train as much as possible instead of car and plane.
Robinfly less and take the car more often
.ich gelobe Besserung
AnonymousMaking more conscious environmental choices with food again
Jan Wetterskip Fryslanno air travel this year; leave the car 2 days a week
Susanne C4CI don't buy a bunch of flowers anymore.1.3
Cas - W+Breduce footprint by using less animal products and getting stuff repaired (locally) more often
DaveEat less meat, drive electric in future
shefeating less meat, less bathing
IrisChoosing used clothing and stuff more often instead of new
Johannes WetterskipI will commute by bike more often
MichielNo more flying within Europe and outside Europe max 1x per 5 years and max 1x per month non-vegetarian food3.0
Aaldert -cycling 4 climateI will also drive electric car privately
PascalPractice sustainability, vega 2x a week, buy less4.0
MariekeNo new clothes and no beef and lamb, eat less cheese and (dark) chocolate
Lenfurther insulate house, eat less meat, bike vacation, reduce car mileage
Sjors WSBDMaking my home more sustainable and choosing to work from home more consciously.
Frank - KNMII am going to live smaller9.0
AnonymousNot having children
SteffiNearby vacations - cycling vacations without luggage transport
Walk to YourselfInsulating our house better; HR++ glass and purchasing a heat pump1.0