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We follow the coastline that lies at Normal Amsterdam Level. This coastline runs roughly from Groningen to Goes. Without human measures such as dike construction and pumping, this would be the coastline in the Netherlands. 

We use the coastline as a metaphor because it makes it clear that climate change can have a real impact and that it could affect everyone in the Netherlands. As a country a quarter of whose surface is below sea level (NAP), we are prone to flooding. 

At the same time, our bike ride shows that with cooperation, speed and perseverance we can achieve a great deal. These same aspects play a role in tackling climate change. Only together can we prevent the NAP coastline from becoming a reality.

The route is not signposted. We trust that all participants can get by with a garmin or gpx reader. The exact routes will be announced a week before the ride.

There will be simple technical support at the break locations: So make sure your bike, and yourself, are in top condition!

* information on sea level rise from KNMI can be found here.

The routes

The GPX and TCX files of the routes are best downloaded as late as possible due to possible last minute changes. Do not download them before Friday June 16, 18:00 hrs. The participant information also includes the correct (download) links for the routes.

Refreshment stations

Along the way you can get Powerbar sports drinks, water and food/snacks at refreshment stations. See the table below for an overview. Except for the currant buns, granola bars and unbreakables, everything is vegan. Technical assistance and restrooms are available. A first aid kit is also provided.

Check the opening times of the care stations below:

Refreshment stationOpening hoursOffer
Start Breda05:00 - 09:00Coffee/ tea
Post 1 Den Bosch07:00 - 11:30Sports drinks, currant buns, granola bars, bananas, oranges
Post 2 De Bilt07:30 - 14:30Sports drink, coffee/ tea, currant buns, muesli buns, gingerbread, bananas, cake
Post 3 Ermelo09:15 - 13:30Sports Drink,
Vegan lunch
Post 4 Zwolle11:00 - 17:30Sports drinks, currant balls, granola balls, breakfast cakes, banana oranges, salty snacks
Post 5 Appelscha13:30 - 20:30Sports drink, currant balls, granola balls, breakfast cakes, banana oranges, cola and salty snacks
Finish Groningen16:00 - 22:00Vegan pasta

Address details
Breda : Water Board Brabantse Delta: Bouvignelaan 5, 4836 AA Breda
Den Bosch: Engelerpark 2, 10 's-Hertogenbosch
De Bilt: KNMI de Bilt: Utrechtseweg 297, 3731 GA De Bilt
Ermelo: Beach Telstar Palmbosweg 36, 3853 LB Ermelo
Zwolle: Hanzeplein 1, 8017 JC Zwolle
Appelscha: Boscamping Appelscha, Oude Willem 3, 8426 SM Appelscha
Groningen: Noorderzijlvest : Stedumermaar 1, 9735 AC: Groningen